July 26, 2017

‘Space 1999’: This Day in Fictional History, the Moon Left Earth Orbit

In the timeline of the television show Space 1999, September 13th marks the day when a massive explosion caused by stored nuclear waste knocked the Mhttp://catacombs.space1999.net/oon out of orbit and sent the 311 inhabitants of Moonbase Alpha hurtling away from the Earth. Space 1999 was a British show created by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson of Thunderbirds and Captain […]

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Throwback Thursday: Shawna Joins the Geeks in Geekerati Episode 2 “Downloading the Upfronts”

The second episode of the Geekerati Radio Podcast aired on May 21st, 2007 and focused on the television upfronts for that year. The upfronts are when television networks announce their new television lineups for the fall in front of advertisers in order to solicit the advertising revenue that provides the main stream of finances for […]

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Read the Original ‘Stranger Things’ Pilot Episode ‘Montauk’

One of the great privileges of the modern era is that the a quick search of the internet can allow journalists, genre fans, and struggling screenwriters to get a deeper look at the productions that entertain and inspire us. One thing in particular this has lead to is the wider availability of the original screenplays […]

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Eichorst from ‘The Strain’ Asks You to Join the Strigoi Before Season 3 Starts on August 28th

FX launched a different kind of vampire series called The Strain in 2014. Where most vampire stories feature sexual and attractive vampires who seduce their victims and audiences with their beauty and charisma, the vampires of The Strain follow in the footsteps of Brian Lumley’s Necroscope and Steve Niles’ 30 Days of Night. In The Strain television series, vampirism is viewed through an […]

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Do You Miss “Firefly”? You Might Want to Give Spinward a Try.

Fans of Joss Whedon’s cult classic Science Fiction/Western television show Firefly might look at the picture above and think to themselves, “Man…those guys at d20 entertainment have a lot of nerve ripping off Joss.” They’d be wrong in that off the cuff assessment. When Firefly came out in 2002, the Sci-Fi RPG community often commented […]

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CW’s Trailer for THE FLASH Captures Barry Allen Goodness

From Professor Zoom to the Weather Wizard, the recently released 5 minute extended trailer for CW’s upcoming series THE FLASH seems to be firing on all cylinders. From the looks of the trailer, the current FLASH series will be drawing heavily from the “Speed Force” era of stories where Professor Zoom aggressively antagonized the FLASH, […]

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Halt and Catch Fire — 80s Silicon Prairie on the Silver Screen

There are those who may think of the Texas to Geek connection as a recent development, but it has long held a place in the heart of this Geekerati writer and not just because I was born in El Paso. The first time Texas made a deep impression on my geek affectations was the film […]

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Episode 154: Shane Hensley Discusses Deadlands From RPG To TV

The mid-90s were a creative time in the role playing game industry and a lot of smaller companies were creating not only new games, but new gaming genres. DEADLANDS by Pinnacle Entertainment Group (1996) is one of the most memorable – and one of the best – games to come out of this creative period. […]

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Episode 151: What’s Hot and What’s Not Spring TV and Pending Upfronts

 The winter television hiatus is over and the networks have decided which shows are staying and which are being replaced with mid-season hopefuls. Our television expert Shawna Benson discusses what’s hot, what’s not, and what is coming soon. She’ll also make some predictions about what shows will fail to be renewed as Upfront season approaches. […]

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CW Developing HOURMAN TV Series…Will it Be an Hour Long Drama?

I learned to read by reading comic books. Given how much I love to read to this day, I’d say that my friendly local bookstore should send thank you letters to some of the comic book writers who sparked my passion. My absolute favorite writer as a kid was Roy Thomas. From Man-Thing to Conan, […]

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