July 26, 2017

What if ‘Star Wars: Rogue One’ Was an Episode of ‘Friends?’

Two weeks ago a fan uploaded a version of the Star Wars: Rogue One movie trailer that had been edited to fit with the Beastie Boys song Sabotage.  The trailer quickly caught fire and became viral. Following the trend of “one fan edit can never be enough” and “making stuff as 90s sit com intros is […]

Movies , Science Fiction

Game Pick of the Week: Mars Attacks Miniature Skirmish Game

I know everyone’s wallet is currently under attack by the awesome Reaper Bones II Kickstarter, but you might want to save a few ducats for another exciting project.   Is your tabletop ready to be invaded?  The Topps Company and Mantic Games have joined forces to bring MARS ATTACKS to life as a miniature-based tabletop […]

Gaming , Movies , Science Fiction , Television

Movie Pick of the Week: Peggy Sue Got Married

Since there are no films coming out this weekend which feel like quality geekery, I’m pulling out one from the wayback machine for the Movie Pick of the Week.  I was having a conversation recently wherein we were discussing Kathleen Turner and her great movie performances.  While “Romancing the Stone” and “Body Heat” generally get […]


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