July 26, 2017

Ben Affleck Brings Classic Gangster Tale to Big Screen with ‘Live by Night’

Ben Affleck’s next film Live by Night looks to be an entertaining entry in the deep genre of gangster films. Like Affleck’s earlier film Gone Baby Gone, this new film is an adaptation of a novel by Dennis Lehane. Unlike that earlier film, Live by Night is a period piece that examines criminal organizations in post-World War I […]


Table of Contents: SUPER STORIES OF HEROES & VILLAINS edited by Claude Lalumière

One of our longtime favorite blogs here at Geekerati is John DeNardo’s SF Signal online fanzine and one of John’s regular features on that site is providing the table of contents to upcoming/previously released anthologies of genre fiction. It’s a useful way of discovering whether an anthology might fill a gap in your collection, or […]

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Solaris Books asks Readers to “Reach for Infinity” on May 27th

In 2007 Black Library created an independent imprint called Solaris Books that would publish fantasy and science fiction books that took place in worlds and universes outside of the 40k and Warhammer Fantasy licenses. In doing so, Black Library created what has become a vibrant voice in the science fiction and fantasy community. Their published works have […]

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Geekerati Book to Read: The Nazi Occult

The Nazi Occult (Osprey Publishing) Who Wrote It: Kenneth Hite an author with a true gift for exploring conspiracy and horror. What It’s About: “In the dark dungeons beneath Nazi Germany, teams of occult experts delved into ancient and forbidden lore, searching for lost secrets of power.” Why It’s Worth Reading: While Osprey Publishing is […]

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