July 28, 2017

Throwback Thursday: Episode 3 of Geekerati Radio

During the first few episodes of Geekerati, we were still trying to find our voice as live streamcast hosts. We all know that a great bit can make for a great radio show, so we incorporated the use of a...+More
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Classic ‘Deadlands’ Returns with a Beautiful Limited Edition

Twenty years ago Pinnacle Entertainment Group published the first edition of the Deadlands roleplaying game. Shane Hensley was inspired to create a game of Weird Western Horror after seeing a painting by Brom of a Confederate Vampire. The book would eventually become the...+More
Fantasy , Gaming , Geek News , Geekerati Radio , Roleplaying Games

Loot Crate Looking for Zombie Volunteers

I'm a Loot Crate subscriber and I thought that I would share this bit of...+More
Geek News

Episode 159 — Discussing SHATTERED SHIELDS with Jennifer Brozek and Bryan Thomas Schmidt

While the genre of Military SF has been firmly entrenched in the publishing industry and...+More
Fantasy , Gaming , Geek News , Geekerati Radio , Roleplaying Games

Table of Contents — OLD VENUS edited by George R.R. Martin and Gardner Dozois

As a fan of Planetary Romance I have written about what sets the genre apart...+More
Fantasy , Geek News , Pulp , Science Fiction

Get Ptolus and Malhavoc Press Products for Cheap…and Help a Good Cause

Years ago Monte Cook left Wizards of the Coast and founded his own publishing company...+More
Fantasy , Gaming , Roleplaying Games

Table of Contents: SUPER STORIES OF HEROES & VILLAINS edited by Claude Lalumière

One of our longtime favorite blogs here at Geekerati is John DeNardo's SF Signal online...+More
Comic Books , Geek News , Roleplaying Games , Science Fiction

Munchkin News — Comic Books and Pathfinder Deluxe Editions…Oh My!

Steve Jackson often jokes about how he can invest in riskier ventures like the OGRE...+More
Comic Books , Fantasy , Gaming , Geek News , Roleplaying Games

Boom! Studios Teases ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK Comic-Con Announcement

  As a part of their "15 Pre-Comic-Con Announcements" publisher BOOM! Studios teased an upcoming...+More
Comic Books , Geek News , Movies , Science Fiction

Episode 157: Adventure Maximus!

Game designer Francis Hogan stopped by to discuss his family friendly role playing game Adventure Maximus!...+More
Fantasy , Gaming , Geek News , Geekerati Radio , Roleplaying Games

From Game to Film — INSPECTRES: Ghostbusters Meets the Office

The good folks at Reactor 88 studios have launched a Kickstarter to fund the DVD/digital...+More
Fantasy , Gaming , Geek News , Movies , Roleplaying Games

Beyond Space Opera-punk: FRAGGED EMPIRE

What if Harry Seldon had never formed the Foundation? What if an interstellar empire decided to...+More
Gaming , Geek News , Roleplaying Games , Science Fiction

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