July 26, 2017

Throwback Thursday: Episode 3 of Geekerati Radio

During the first few episodes of Geekerati, we were still trying to find our voice as live streamcast hosts. We all know that a great bit can make for a great radio show, so we incorporated the use of a...+More
Geekerati Radio , Movies , Television

Classic ‘Deadlands’ Returns with a Beautiful Limited Edition

Twenty years ago Pinnacle Entertainment Group published the first edition of the Deadlands roleplaying game. Shane Hensley was inspired to create a game of Weird Western Horror after seeing a painting by Brom of a Confederate Vampire. The book would eventually become the...+More
Fantasy , Gaming , Geek News , Geekerati Radio , Roleplaying Games

What if ‘Star Wars: Rogue One’ Was an Episode of ‘Friends?’

Two weeks ago a fan uploaded a version of the Star Wars: Rogue One movie...+More
Movies , Science Fiction

Play an Old Man Playing That ‘PokeyMan Go Thing’ in Classic JRPG Style Parody

  Inspired by the recent success of Pokemon Go, and the reaction of some older individuals...+More
Computer Gaming , Gaming , Geek News , Roleplaying Games , Science Fiction

Read the Original ‘Stranger Things’ Pilot Episode ‘Montauk’

One of the great privileges of the modern era is that the a quick search...+More
Fantasy , Gaming , Geek News , Horror , Television

Auroch Digital Bringing Classic Sci-Fi Wargame ‘Ogre’ Back to Computer Screens

Fans of the classic science fiction wargame Ogre were given a pleasant surprise in 2012 when...+More
Computer Gaming , Gaming , Roleplaying Games , Science Fiction , Wargames

Eichorst from ‘The Strain’ Asks You to Join the Strigoi Before Season 3 Starts on August 28th

FX launched a different kind of vampire series called The Strain in 2014. Where most vampire stories...+More
Geekerati Radio , Horror , Television

A Blast from the Past — Geekerati Episode 1 (2007)

It's hard to believe that it has been over nine years since I recorded the...+More
Geek News , Geekerati Radio , Movies

Geekerati’s Comic Book Recommendation

It should come as no surprise that I would be recommending Batgirl and the Birds of...+More
Comic Books , Geek News , Geekerati Radio , Television

How Ghostbusters Can Be “Successful” and Fail Financially

Some might find it odd that a film that has grossed $194 million worldwide in...+More
Geekerati Radio , Movies , Television

Modiphius Entertainment to Publish New CONAN Role-Playing Game

The tales of the savage Cimmerian were a source of inspiration for the creators of...+More
Fantasy , Gaming , Geek News , Pulp , Roleplaying Games

Episode 160 — Robin D Laws and Cam Banks Discuss the FENG SHUI 2 Roleplaying Game

When it was released in the 1990s Feng Shui was a genre crushing breath of...+More
Fantasy , Gaming , Geekerati Radio , Movies , Roleplaying Games

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