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Geekerati Radio is a podcast for geeks, by geeks, and with geeks that isn’t afraid to geek out about any topic. Founded in 2007 with mission to cover the full diversity of “geek culture,” GEEKERATI has interviewed guests from throughout the “geekosphere.”

  • A featured show of the BlogTalkRadio Network
  • Average episode has 4,000 downloads
  • Highest rated episode had 47,000 downloads
  • Show Site updated weekly

Geekerati Radio has featured a number of high quality guests, including:

  • Film and Television writer John Rogers discussing the writer strike, LEVERAGE, and comic books.
  • Television writer/producer Tim Minear (Angel/Firefly) discussing the writer strike.
  • Television writer/producer Rob Long(Cheers) discussing the writer strike.
  • Game Designer and Author Matt Forbeck.
  •  Science Fiction author Susan Palwick who discussed her excellent novel “Shelter”
  • Comic Writer/Reporter Marc Bernardin discussing his Highwaymen comic book. He now works on the show “Alphas.”
  • Wold Newton Historian Win Eckert discussing pulps and the Wold Newton Universe.
  • Game Designer James Lowder.
  • The Big Bang Theory Executive Producers Dave Goetsch and Maria Ferrari
  • Many others, including Shelly Mazzanoble (Confessions of a Part-Time Sorceress), Kenneth Hite (Night’s Black Agents), and a host of game designers/publishers.

Geekerati Radio is ideal for:

  • Building and maintaining brand awareness
  • Featuring new product lines
  • Discussion and promotion of back catalog
  • Offer codes to drive clicks and sales

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