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Welcome to Geekerati Media, the official podcast of Twin Suns Entertainment, LLC.

“If you CAN geek out about it, we WILL!”

GEEKERATI is a podcast for geeks, by geeks, and with geeks that isn’t afraid to geek out about any topic. Founded in 2007 with mission to cover the full diversity of “geek culture,” GEEKERATI has interviewed guests from throughout the “geekosphere.” Whether your particular corner of geek culture is LARP, the other LARP, Tabletop Gaming, Cosplay, Genre TV, Video Games, Science, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Baseball, or Formula 1 (or anything else really), GEEKERATI has likely done a show discussing your passion. It is our goal to help you, the fan, spread the word and get more people excited about whatever it is that excites your passion. The GEEKERATI team won’t be satisfied until there is no longer a stigma associated with any aspect of geek culture.

Praise for Geekerati

 “You can’t find kinder, sharper, or more fun hosts than Christian and Shawna, online or anywhere else.”  — Matt Forbeck, game designer and novelist (Dangerous Games: How to Play)


“Geekerati is fun and informative. I enjoyed being a guest, and would happily return!” — Monte Cook, writer, game designer, geek (Numenera, Ptolus)
“One of my favorite things to listen to is Christian Lindke’s Geekerati Podcast. Great guests, great questions, and lots of cool teasers and hints about upcoming coolness.” — Shane Hensley, game designer and novelist (Savage Worlds, Deadlands).


Past guests on the show have included:

  • Film and Television writer John Rogers discussing the writer strike, LEVERAGE, and comic books.
  • Television writer/producer Tim Minear (Angel/Firefly) discussing the writer strike.
  • Television writer/producer Rob Long(Cheers) discussing the writer strike.
  • Variety editors David S. Cohen and Peter Debruge discussing film animation and films, including the remarkable 3D animation on BEOWULF.
  • Game Designer and Author Matt Forbeck.
  •  Science Fiction author Susan Palwick who discussed her excellent novel “Shelter”
  • Comic Writer/Reporter Marc Bernardin discussing his Highwaymen comic book. He now works on the show “Alphas.”
  • Film Critics Luke Y. Thompson (The OC Weekly and Entertainment Weekly) and David Chute (The LA Weekly and Premiere.com)
  • Wold Newton Historian Win Eckert discussing pulps and the Wold Newton Universe.
  • Comic Book editor and author Jeff Mariotte
  • Game Designer James Lowder.
  • The Big Bang Theory Executive Producers Dave Goetsch and Maria Ferrari
  • Many others, including Shelly Mazzanoble (Confessions of a Part-Time Sorceress), Kenneth Hite (Night’s Black Agents), and a host of game designers/publishers.

The GEEKERATI Podcast currently averages 10,000 archive downloads a month. If you wish to be a part of our show, please feel free to contact Shawna or Christian to arrange a chat.




Geekerati ShawnaShawna Benson (she’s the one about to club Stephanie Thorpe over the head) is a television, film, and multiplatform (web) writer who has co-written and sold a multi-platform series with Bernie Su.  She also regularly teams up with her sister Julie Benson on a number of projects. Shawna wrote, directed, and produced a webseries pilot called #Follow. You can find her IMDB Page and you can see one example of her work here:  Watch #Follow

Shawna is currently employed as Ashley E. Miller’s assistant ( IMDB for him), and has maintained a much read screenwriting blog, Shouting Into the Wind since 2004. She likes all manner of tea and is a budding oenophile.  She is the resident TV Geek here at Geekerati, and she will awe you with her knowledge of the medium, particularly when it comes to genre programming.

Geekerati ChristianChristian Lindke is the mastermind who gathered together the talent to form the Geekerati Media podcast. The idea came to him after sharing emails and comment threads with a number of like-minded genre fans. He is the author of the Advanced Dungeons and Parenting blog.

In his day job, Christian is the program director of a non-profit dedicated to youth civic engagement and is finishing his MBA at Cal Poly Pomona. In the fall of 2013, he will be entering the Ph.D program in Political Science at UC Riverside. Christian has been a playtester on a number of RPGs including MARVEL: Heroic Roleplaying, DRAGON AGE, and he has design credits in the SIDEKICK SOURCEBOOK for the ancient superhero RPG BLOOD OF HEROES.

Meredith OvercashMeredith Overcash is a geek and actress who has appeared on stage, screen, monitor, and now podcast. She is a geek dilettante who is always trying something new. If pushed, she would identify mostly as a book nerd and a gaming geek. When she is not acting, you can usually find Meredith in her natural habitat on her couch with a weird book or a video game that everyone else played months ago or outside spying on animals. She tweets @SqrrlGrrl


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