Throwback Thursday: Episode 3 of Geekerati Radio

During the first few episodes of Geekerati, we were still trying to find our voice as live streamcast hosts. We all know that a great bit can make for a great radio show, so we incorporated the use of a board game called Cineplexity into our conversation in Episode 3 as a trial balloon for a feature. The game has a simple premise that fit well with the early Geekerati panelists. You’ll be hard pressed to find a crew with as eclectic an array of film, television, and pulp knowledge as Bill Cunningham, Wes Kobernick, Shawna Benson, Eric Lytle, and Christian Lindke. We have all spent far too many hours consuming media content and that’s the kind of group that Cineplexity is designed for. We briefly discussed the early releases in the Summer Blockbuster season of 2007 – “10 Years! 10 Years, Man!” – and also discussed the changes in the television marketplace. Of particular interest to us was how networks like USA were using the traditional “off season” months as their own television seasons. Shows like Psych, Monk, and many others would use (and still do use) the hiatus of the normal television industry as an opportunity to run their own content in a less competitive environment. Studios are always looking to get out of the chum-filled red ponds of competition to find new blue ponds free of other sharks.

So take a small glimpse back into Geekerati history and listen to us rough edges and all as we even tried to take callers without a screening process.




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