August 23, 2017

OutOfThisWorldCoverWhen Out of this World was released for the SNES in 1992, I was blown away by the that that a game on the SNES (and SEGA Genesis) could have such fantastic graphics and the game play. As a gamer who grew up on Pitfall, I was used to action based side scrolling platformers but most of them lacked complex narratives. Having friends who owned Amiga computers meant that I understood that video games could have fluid movement and robust graphics. but I didn’t imagine that kind of graphic complexity could exist on an SNES generation video game console. With the power and capabilities of our current consoles, it’s good to go back and see what people could do with far more limited platforms. We take for granted many of the advances that were inspired by games like Out of this World.

Out of this WorldI’ll be gong back to give the game another look on this #NationalVideoGameDay. What classic game(s) will you be playing?




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