Ben Affleck Brings Classic Gangster Tale to Big Screen with ‘Live by Night’

Live by Night

Ben Affleck’s next film Live by Night looks to be an entertaining entry in the deep genre of gangster films. Like Affleck’s earlier film Gone Baby Gone, this new film is an adaptation of a novel by Dennis Lehane. Unlike that earlier film, Live by Night is a period piece that examines criminal organizations in post-World War I Boston and Cuba through the eyes of Joe Coughlin. It will be interesting to see how Affleck’s visual style is able to capture the Roaring Twenties. There will be plenty of comparisons to The Untouchables in the coming weeks, but the Boston and Cuba shown in the trailer appear to have a greater naturalism and potential for beauty than De Palma’s stylized classic. One would imagine that the production design of Jess Gonchor (Inside Llewyn Davis, Moneyball) and the cinematography of Robert Richardson (The Hateful Eight, The Aviator) are a large reason why.





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