Throwback Thursday: Shawna Joins the Geeks in Geekerati Episode 2 “Downloading the Upfronts”

Geekerati Steampunks copy

The second episode of the Geekerati Radio Podcast aired on May 21st, 2007 and focused on the television upfronts for that year. The upfronts are when television networks announce their new television lineups for the fall in front of advertisers in order to solicit the advertising revenue that provides the main stream of finances for television production. This is when shows that were on the cusp of being cut/renewed discover their fate, as well as when new and possibly exciting shows get a major marketing push. It is the TV equivalent of the CES and those of us who love television have this on our calendar along with TCA events and the Awards calendar.

This episode also marks the first appearance of Shawna Benson on the Geekerati Radio podcast. We were still very new at podcasting, and like all episodes of Geekerati Radio the episode streamed live and unedited due to the nature of Blog Talk Radio where the show was hosted, so there are some “radio” moments. Join us and look back at what we thought of what was new and what we thought would be a hit.

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