Play an Old Man Playing That ‘PokeyMan Go Thing’ in Classic JRPG Style Parody



Inspired by the recent success of Pokemon Go, and the reaction of some older individuals regarding the value of the game, the designers at Punch the Moon have created a short browser based role playing game called THAT POKEYMAN THING YOUR GRANDKIDS ARE INTO. In this short old school game, you play an 80 year old man who is trying to understand why his grandson and all the other kids enjoy playing this “Pokeyman” game so much. Over the course of play, your 80 year old avatar can collect up to 18 different Pokeymen as he wanders around the neighborhood looking for his grandson Billy. All of the Pokeymen are inspired by pocket monsters that can be collected in traditional Pokemon games. You will see the likes of “Worst Bat,” “Peekachorp,” and “Charblezorb.” The game was created for Big Awful Jam 2016 and provides a nice short diversion while you are waiting to get a group together to go out and play Pokemon Go.



You can play the game at this Punch the Moon webpage. If you’d rather watch a let’s play video of the game, you can watch DanTDM as he gives the game a full playthrough.




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