Eichorst from ‘The Strain’ Asks You to Join the Strigoi Before Season 3 Starts on August 28th


FX launched a different kind of vampire series called The Strain in 2014. Where most vampire stories feature sexual and attractive vampires who seduce their victims and audiences with their beauty and charisma, the vampires of The Strain follow in the footsteps of Brian Lumley’s Necroscope and Steve Niles’ 30 Days of NightIn The Strain television series, vampirism is viewed through an epidemic lens. People become vampires by becoming infected with a parasitic worm that eventually transforms their body. It’s a gruesome process that eliminates much of what often seems “cool” about being a vampire. Carlton Cuse is the showrunner for the production and helped adapt the book series by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan to fit the television market.

The original book series was an apocalyptic tale by del Toro and Hogan that combined an intriguing religious mythology with a hard scientific world view in what can only be described as The Stand meets Hot Zone meets Necroscope meets Blade 2 with a bit of Bram Stoker thrown in for good measure. It’s the kind of beautiful horror mosaic one would expect from the mind of Guillermo del Toro with the kind of character development one would expect from Chuck Hogan (author of Prince of Thieves). The television series takes a lesson from The Walking Dead in that the narrative is less explosively apocalyptic than the book series…so far…and has provided two solid seasons of dramatic horror. This doesn’t mean that the team making the show isn’t having fun. The most recent video promoting Season 3 gives a glimpse at the creators’ senses of humor, while simultaneously giving a glimpse at the growing sense of dread building as the infection spreads.

Join the Strigoi and join us in watching The Strain on on FX this August 28th.



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