A Blast from the Past — Geekerati Episode 1 (2007)

Geekerati Steampunks copy

It’s hard to believe that it has been over nine years since I recorded the first episode of the Geekerati Podcast. I had recently discovered Blog Talk Radio, who made podcasting ridiculously easy for a first time host, and was ready to share my wisdom with the internet. In that episode I discussed the upcoming, and already started, Hollywood Blockbuster season. It was the year of Spider-Man 3 and the first Bayformers movie. I had high hopes of eventually becoming syndicated (that never happened) and of eventually having famous guests like Tim Minear on to be interviewed (that did happen). The first episode included my friends Wes Kobernick, Eric Lytle, and Steven Merrill as panelists, but it also began with me demonstrated what little skill I had at filling time on a live-streaming show while waiting for the other panelists to arrive.

Thankfully, I’d done some good prep before the show and was able to discuss an article Anne Thompson had written at Variety about the importance of bloggers in entertainment media. The episode is a bit clunky, and the films are dated, but I am posting it here for your listening pleasure and will be posting all 160 episodes of the show as I build up the confidence to relaunch the podcast with Geekerati 2.0 at sometime later this year.


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