Loot Crate Looking for Zombie Volunteers

I’m a Loot Crate subscriber and I thought that I would share this bit of information for anyone who might be interested in participating in a zombie walk and getting some free stuff for their time.


Loot Crate is Seeking the Help of Southern California Looters!


They are badly in need of help with a Zombie invasion of the Loot Crate Headquarters!

It’s not a real zombie invasion, or it won’t be without your help. They are looking for volunteers his weekend, October 4th and/or 5th, who can be in the Los Angeles area and who are willing to pretend to be the LIVING DEAD for a video they are putting together to promote Loot Crate!  They will supply the makeup, bu you do need to provide a basic wardrobe that you are willing to have zombie stained.

If you participate they will provide you with a FREE one month subscription to Loot Crate, lunch, and you can add it to your acting resume. 

It’s not a lot of pay, but it should be a lot of fun.

You do need to be 18 or older to participate, but if you are interested you can contact them at extras@lootcrate.com for more details.

 According to Loot Crate, here are the basic requirements:

– Please be 18 or older.  

– Must be willing to provide a basic zombie costume.  (Clothing/shoes, without logos, we can age, stain and destroy)

– No latex allergies.

– Understand you will be playing a shambling zombie, in blood and latex zombie makeup, in a parking lot over the course of an entire filming day (12 hours).

– Featured roles not guaranteed, but we will try to portray you as best we can.

– Be a team player who’s willing to come out with a good attitude and have fun.

Update! They have enough Zombies.


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