Get Ptolus and Malhavoc Press Products for Cheap…and Help a Good Cause

Years ago Monte Cook left Wizards of the Coast and founded his own publishing company called Malhavoc Press. The company offered a number of exciting role playing game supplements, but one loomed large over them all. That supplement was the Ptolus (tah-luss) setting booklet. In a move that would pre-sage our current crowdsourcing environment, Monte launched the book through a pre-order process. Monte promised that the Ptolus book would be the most lavish gaming product published to date and he accomplished that goal. When I received my pre-ordered copy I was amazed by the years of work it must have taken Monte to design the setting that was contained in the 808 page book I held in my hands.

Ptolus Book Joke

The book was expensive, but it offered an almost ridiculous amount of material that – when combined with my Greyhawk and Eberron books – allowed me to run a CSI: Sharn campaign with minimal preparation…if you consider reading 808 pages minimal preparation.

Thanks to the Bundle of Holding, you can now get the Ptolus book in PDF format for a reasonable price and help charitable organizations as well. The offer is only good for the next 5 days though.

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