Episode 157: Adventure Maximus!

adventure maxumus

Game designer Francis Hogan stopped by to discuss his family friendly role playing game Adventure Maximus! This exciting role playing game allows kids to easily create characters, plan and run adventures, find treasures and be heroes! Like most role playing games Adventure Maximus! inspires creativity and problem solving, but unlike computer and console based rpgs it provides quality face time with family and friends.


adventure maxumus cover


There has been a recent trend of designing family friendly games in the RPG marketplace and Hogan’s Adventure Maximus! is among the premiere titles in this wave. The game is set apart by the “toy factor” of the game components and the fact that it focuses on allowing kids to play larger than life heroes common to fantasy literature rather than kids on a quest.

Francis launched Adventure Maximus! on Kickstarter last year and recently sold out of the first run of the Eden Studios published role playing game. Francis joins us to discuss the recent trend of designing games for younger players, how he got into the hobby, what it was like to run the Kickstarter campaign, and what’s next for Adventure Maximus! Let’s just say that a good name might be Ad Astra Maximus!

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