Beyond Space Opera-punk: FRAGGED EMPIRE

Fragged Empire
What if Harry Seldon had never formed the Foundation?

What if an interstellar empire decided to create an “inheritor race” instead of a Foundation?

What if Cyberpunk style Megacorporations were the cause of interstellar collapse and the force that was rebuilding societies as they once more reach for the stars?

These are some of the questions that inform the FRAGGED EMPIRE role playing game setting. FRAGGED EMPIRE is a tabletop RPG setting & rules, set in a far future ‘post, post-apocalyptic’ setting. Your people have survived 100 years of brutal tribalism & savagery & are just now emerging back into space. The echoes of a massive interstellar war still echo through the cosmos, creating an opportunity for great adventure. Whether that adventure is heroic or exploitative is up to you.

This is the setting of Wade Dyer’s FRAGGED EMPIRE role playing game. The game uses a relatively simple 3d6 resolution system that can be sampled at the FRAGGED EMPIRE website.  The game is currently being funded via Kickstarter and will be distributed by Modiphius Publishing.

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