Episode 154: Shane Hensley Discusses Deadlands From RPG To TV


The mid-90s were a creative time in the role playing game industry and a lot of smaller companies were creating not only new games, but new gaming genres. DEADLANDS by Pinnacle Entertainment Group (1996) is one of the most memorable – and one of the best – games to come out of this creative period. The game combined elements of horror and fantasy with the American Western. Even the magic rules involved the use of playing cards as spell casters attempted to “beat the devil” in order to succeed in their incantations.

Fast forward two decades and now DEADLANDS is in development as an Xbox Original television show.

In Episode 154 of Geekerati, we chat with author and creator Shane Hensley about DEADLANDS, its death, resurrection, and its possible move into pop culture’s zeitgeist. The original DEADLANDS rules were original and incorporated a number of interesting innovations, but if you want to jump on the DEADLANDS bandwagon the newest version DEADLANDS RELOADED is the place to start. DEADLANDS RELOADED uses the Fast, Furious, and Fun SAVAGE WORLDS game system and is perfect for Novice and Veteran gamers alike.

If you listen carefully in the episode, there is some great news for Savages regarding the NECESSARY EVIL setting.


It’s a great time to be a Savage Worlds and Deadlands fan and we at Geekerati eagerly await the upcoming Western Horror series on Xbox Originals.

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