H.P. Lovecraft’s “Dreamlands Cycle” Being Adapted to Film

I’d like to tell you the tale of two images.

When I was in middle school, I was a huge E.R. Burroughs and Michael Moorcock fan. This was almost entirely due to the fact that both authors had book series featuring evocative cover art by Michael Whelan. To this day, I consider Whelan to be among the best – if not the best – fantasy illustrators/painters alive today. He has an ability to make the fantastic seem plausible and the alien seem familiar that is rare among even talented artists. The fact that Whelan’s covers demonstrate that he has also likely read the material he presents is another factor in his favor. It was my admiration of Whelan’s work that led me to weekly quests at the school library for books that featured his artwork on the cover. This eventually led me to H.P. Lovecraft’s fiction, and in particular his DREAMQUEST OF UNKNOWN KADATH. Whelan’s Lovecraft covers are a wonderful combination of the horrible and surreal.

Fast forward to 2013. Summer is nearing its end and I am preparing for my first year as a Ph.D. student at U.C. Riverside. I’m checking my email and I notice a name don’t recognize “Ephraim Wörner” requesting the rights to use a Cthulhu Claus image my wife Jody produced for a Kickstarter my friends and I ran in 2012.

cthulu claus C copy

Ephraim explained that he and some coworkers were developing a movie based on H.P. Lovecraft’s Dream Cycle and were developing a trailer for the project which would air at Los Angele’s H.P. Lovecraft film festival. They wished to use Jody’s image in that teaser in order to wish the people at the festival a happy holiday season. You can see their post and video at this link. Needless to say, Ephraim and his friends impressed me with their professionalism.  As someone who has a wife who is struggling to build an audience and reputation as an illustrator, I am overwhelmed with sentiments of affection for those who ask permission to use her art and who are willing to credit her when they use her images. It is a sign of high professionalism and respect, and it makes Jody feel pretty amazing.

This is all prologue to the news that the Dream Cycle project Ephraim emailed me about last year has launched on IndieGoGo, and I recommend that you “go go” there immediately to support the project — Sandy Peterson of “Call of Cthulhu” RPG fame also recommends that you “go go” and support the project.


According to their Press Kit, “The Dreamlands”, the world’s first film adaption of H. P. Lovecraft’s Dream Cycle, is a fantasy film project from Huan Vu, the director and writer of the multiple award winning Lovecraft adaption “Die Farbe” and a founding member of the filmmakers initiative “New German Genre Film”.

You can get a taste of what the project will look like from their Teaser Trailers, and I’ve included the first of those below.

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