Episode 150: Technical Difficulties and the Knights of the Dinner Table Webseries


If you ever want to know how good a podcast partner really is, see how they react under pressure. By that measure, Shawna Benson is one of the best in the business. Last December we scheduled an interview with the folks behind the successful Knights of the Dinner Live Action webseries project on Kickstarter. Thanks to the wonder that is Los Angeles area traffic, I was very late for the live streaming episode. Given that I am the resident gamer on the podcast, and that I had the contact information for our guests, this meant that Shawna had to fill 23 minutes of “airtime” discussing whatever she could think of in order to keep the show running. She did so, and I am extremely grateful. Even after we finally were able to connect with one another, we still had some technical glitches in our connection with the KODT crew. It’s amazing how much can go wrong when you live stream a show, and that is what we do here at Geekerati.

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Even when we upload episodes — like I’m doing now — we don’t edit them for flaws. You get to hear us in all our messy glory. Live radio shows have a producer that never gets heard by the audience, and who has an off air “track” if you will, who faces all the struggles that Shawna and I face. Those radio shows have that buffer because they have staff who can be the background and shift audio to the live feed. We don’t have that option, and it is a great testimony to Shawna’s professionalism how she handled the trials and tribulations of this episode.


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