Why I’m Backing Blue Dungeon Tiles on Kickstarter

Blue Dungeon TilesWhile the fact that I’ve backed 132 projects on Kickstarter might lead one to believe that I am not particularly picky when it comes to choosing projects to support, I can assure you that for a project to get my attention it has to do something special. I have pretty much given up on supporting projects that could be launched through some other means, or that are launched by companies large enough that Kickstarter is effectively a cheap marketing and pre-order system that allows them to circumvent the niche hobby market. I’ll support smaller companies like Green Ronin, but if Hasbro ran a Kickstarter they’d have to be proposing some thing risky.

As I wrote, the projects have to have something special for me to back them. Sometimes that something special is the fact that it supports a struggling artist/author who has no access to broader distribution. Sometimes it’s because the project is a bargain. Sometimes it’s because it really captures my imagination and fires up my inner 12 year old. That is exactly what Kevin Chenevert’s Blue Dungeon Tiles project has done. As the person who regularly DMs for my local gaming group, I have a hyperspace locker the size of a Culture mind filled with dungeon tiles, Gaming Paper, Flip-Mats, and the like. I don’t really need any more products in this line — not that this fact has led me to cancel my Paizo map subscription or anything, because it hasn’t. That said, I am in love with this product. When I first got into gaming, all of the maps in the D&D modules were blue and white and while they lacked verisimilitude, they sparked the imagination something fierce. To be able to share that wonder with a new generation of gamers is something I find hard to pass up. There is something inspiring about a map that is realistic enough to be useful in setting up tactical situations while also being abstract enough to allow player’s minds to fill in the gaps.

That is the place where this product fits and that’s why I’ll be backing this product in the near future.

— Christian Lindke

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