Episode 143: Geekerati Radio Chats with Paizo Publishing’s Erik Mona

On this week’s episode of Geekerati Radio we chat with Paizo Publishing’s Erik Mona. Erik has been a vibrant part of the D&D community for a very long time and is a big fan of classic pulp literature. We had a great conversation about everything Paizo related we could fit into the episode, with particular attention paid to the new Pathfinder Adventure Card Game. This cooperative card game was released at Gen Con and is a great simulation of some of the narrative aspects of Paizo’s Adventure Path campaign modules. The first set focuses on the first Adventure Path ever published by Paizo “The Rise of the Runelords.” It’s a tough adventure…”where did all of these ghost’s and wraiths come from” … but it’s well worth your time as a player.


We also had a brief chat about the roleplaying game and picked Erik’s brain about classic pulp fiction and the now on hiatus Planet Stories line of books. While Planet Stories are currently not being printed, they are Paizo’s equivalent to the classic Appendix N.

We also talked a little bit about the new AGENTS OF SHIELD television show — having now watched the show I find that I agree with co-hosts Shawna Benson and David Nett — and exciting news regarding some new shows in development.

“Cue Danny Elfman Music”

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