Geekerati Game Pick of the Week: Accursed (A Savage Worlds Setting)

The Curse is Spreading!

This week’s Geekerati Game Pick of the Week focuses on a 3rd party setting for the Savage Worlds role playing game.

In Melior Via's ACCURSED tragic heroes seek to free a conquered land from damage they themselves may have caused.
In Melior Via’s ACCURSED tragic heroes seek to free a conquered land from damage they themselves may have caused.

On Friday September 13th, Melior Via, LLC, publishers of the critically acclaimed Hope Preparatory School game setting launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund their next campaign setting. Accursed takes place in a dark fantasy world, where the players take on the roles of classic movie monsters. They struggle to free the land of Morden from the dark influences of the Witches. The Accursed draw their power from their curses, while struggling against it to preserve their souls. Recognizing that the game is named Accursed, it became apparent that the project had to launch on Friday the 13th. It went live at 13:13 (EDT), on September 13, of 2013.

What is Accursed?

In Accursed, Hammer Horror films meet Hellboy, and Solomon Kane meets Castlevania. The game world allows players to take on the roles of characters with transformative curses, cast by the Witches of the Grand Coven. They are Dhampir (Half-vampire charming rogues), Golems (living creatures crafted from unliving materials, similar to Frankenstein’s monster), Vargr (werewolves), Mummies, Mongrels (humans with bestial limbs and other body parts grafted onto their bodies), and Revenants (the living dead). The Accursed must not only fight evil from without; each character’s Witchmark defines his curse and changes over time. When the Witches of the Grand Coven launched their attack on the allied nations of Morden, they converted thousands of normal human settlers into the Accursed and used these tragic creations as the vanguard of their assault. Once revered village leaders assaulted their fellow man under the sway of a powerful and transformative mystic bond. With the war’s end, many of the Accursed found themselves freed from the Witches’ control, but their curses remained…as did the damage done by them when they fought for the Witches.

Accursed takes full advantage of the flexibility of the Savage Worlds rules set and adds 8 campaign specific Setting Rules, one new skill, and 5 additional hindrances to those presented in the Savage Worlds Deluxe Core rulebook. The Accursed Setting Rules are designed to combine a heroic atmosphere of champions fighting against the odds with dread horror where characters must be careful not to run into conflict too quickly. The Accursed setting fits nicely into the Savage Worlds setting philosophy. Savage Worlds game play is meant to be Fast, Furious, and Fun and the majority of campaign settings for the system follow a High Concept mash-up formula. Some times is post-alien invasion super “heroes” (Necessary Evil) and other times it’s Steampulp meets Horror (Rippers), this time it’s Hammer Films meets Partisan Heroes.


Who is Behind the Horror?

Ross Watson, Jason Marker, and John Dunn have designed role-playing games for many properties, including Star Wars: Edge of the Empire, Shadowrun, Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay, Robotech, and Malifaux: Through the Breach. They have decades of experience working in the gaming industry and are very excited about bringing a new twist on dark fantasy RPGs to life. The three members of the core team are bringing their combined creativity, experience, and passion to the project.

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