Episode 142: What’s Geekworthy in the Fall 2013 Television Season?

Episode 142 begins with Christian Lindke geeking out over the Mimic Miniatures Kickstarter project before Shawna and Christian engage in their annual discussion regarding what new shows are worth checking out, What old shows are coming back, and which shows will make the cut and which will fall to the side.

Shawna goes night by night through the Network lineups to give us a picture of just how crammed a geek’s DVR will be this season. Most years have a couple of shows for Genre fans and geeks, but this year seems to be the year that Hollywood turned the geekometer up to 11. Starting with this week’s premiere of SLEEPY HOLLOW and BROOKLYN NINE NINE and moving on to DRACULA, THE TOMORROW PEOPLE, REIGN, THE BLACKLIST, THE ORIGINALS, and ONCE UPON A TIME IN WONDERLAND. Shawna also discusses the growing list of returning Genre programming. SUPERNATURAL is in its 9th Season, ARROW is looking strong as its second season approaches, REVOLUTION helped to revitalize a flagging NBC. It really is a great time on television for geeks and fans of Genre programming. We here at Geekerati might even venture to say that we are entering a golden age of programming that rivals the heights of the halcyon years when Gen X-ers where sitting in front of their television sets watching classics like THE SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN, SPACE 1999, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, BUCK ROGERS, and THE BIONIC WOMAN.

One wonders if we’ll wake up in 20 years to find a new group of producers nostalgically remaking PERSON OF INTEREST.

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