TV Pick of the Week: Orphan Black

You’ve probably heard some buzz about this show.  There’s a reason for that — Tatiana Maslany is a revelation, playing multiple characters, often in the same scene, always seamlessly.  BBC America is going to re-run the entire first season on Saturdays, starting this Saturday, September 14 at 10/9c.  If you missed it the first time around, you now have a chance to rectify that error.

“Orphan Black” is one of the most imaginative and compelling genre shows on television right now.  It’s the story about a street-smart girl, Sarah Manning, an orphan who doesn’t know much about where she came from or who she is, who suddenly finds herself face to face with her doppelganger — Beth Childs, a cop who calmly steps off a subway platform and kills herself.  When Sarah decides to take Beth’s purse and enter her life, she gets more than she bargained for, discovering that not only are she and Beth identical, but they are clones, and they aren’t the only ones.

There are few genre series that feel this fresh and interesting, but “Orphan Black” is one of them.  We here at Geekerati are big fans of the show and its star Maslany, who we predict will be a very big star one day soon.

Tatiana Maslany as Sarah Manning in "Orphan Black"
Tatiana Maslany as Sarah Manning in “Orphan Black”

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