TV Pick of the Week: The Writer’s Room

The Writers' Room - Breaking Bad
The Writers’ Room – Breaking Bad

As mentioned on this week’s episode, Shawna’s pick this week for TV viewing is The Writers’ Room on The Sundance Channel.  It’s a great insight to some of the biggest shows on TV today — Breaking Bad, New Girl, Parks & Recreation, Dexter, Game of Thrones, etc.  Each half hour episode is hosted by Jim Rash, Oscar winner for writing “The Descendants” and also an actor on “Community” — he’s Dean Pelton, on that show.  As writers of each show talk about the challenges they face with making a hit show every week, you gain greater appreciation for all shows — there are a lot of podcasts which TV fans and pros listen to with regularity to hear some of these writers talk about the process, but this is the first time anyone has devoted a TV series to the topic.  Well worth the time, if you get The Sundance Channel — there are some great clips you can watch online, however, if you can’t get the show through your cable or dish provider.

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