Privateer Press Releases Digital Reader App


Shortly after the release of the 3rd edition of Dungeons & Dragons a large number of small publishers released material for the game under the guidelines of the d20 license and the open gaming license associated with the world’s best selling role playing game.  There were so many releases during this time period that cynical fans refer to the era as the d20 Glut. This is partially due to the generally low quality of products being released by the majority of publishers. There were exceptions though, companies that had products of professional standards. Most of those professional companies (Green Ronin, Atlas Games, and Paizo) are still around today. Privateer Press was one of those professional acting small press companies and their “Witchfire Trilogy” of adventures set a high mark for artistic quality and rich setting. What the products lacked in strict logic given the D&D rules set, they made up for in production quality and theme. Since those small beginnings Privateer Press have exploded as a company and are now the proud publishers of two of the most successful miniature games on the market.  To support these games, Privateer Press is releasing a Digital Reader App.

“Privateer Press Digital,” a new reader app allowing users to purchase and read digital versions of No Quarter magazine, WARMACHINE and HORDES rulebooks, Iron Kingdoms roleplaying game books and material, and other content for Privateer Press games is now available. The app can be downloaded through the iOS App Store or Google Play store and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Privateer Press Digital launches with an extensive catalog of offerings, including all the Mk II WARMACHINE and HORDES books, Iron Kingdoms Full Metal Fantasy Roleplaying Game: Core Rules, No Quarter Presents: Urban Adventure, and every issue of No Quarter magazine. The app also offers digital subscriptions to No Quarter magazine.


Taking advantage of the digital format, Privateer Press Digital WARMACHINE, HORDES, and Iron Kingdoms roleplaying game books have been updated with the most current errata and revisions and will be regularly updated as new errata becomes available. The app also features full text searching and the ability to bookmark frequently referenced pages. “Whether you want to get instant delivery of your No Quarter subscription or to have access to all the Privateer Press game references you need without having to carry a stack of books with you, Privateer Press Digital marries the great content we’re known for with the convenience of today’s electronic devices,” said William Shick, Director of Business for Privateer Press.

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