July 26, 2017

Episode 139: d20Pro — Online Gaming Getting More Content

Last night on Geekerati Shawna and I chatted with Mat Morton about d20Pro and the current d20Pro Marketplace Kickstarter campaign. Built for gamers and by gamers, d20Pro is a trend setting virtual tabletop app that both enables rapid combat and encourages role-playing, all while allowing your gaming group to gather around the dinner table or […]

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Privateer Press Releases Digital Reader App

Shortly after the release of the 3rd edition of Dungeons & Dragons a large number of small publishers released material for the game under the guidelines of the d20 license and the open gaming license associated with the world’s best selling role playing game.  There were so many releases during this time period that cynical […]

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Geekerati Book to Read: The Nazi Occult

The Nazi Occult (Osprey Publishing) Who Wrote It: Kenneth Hite an author with a true gift for exploring conspiracy and horror. What It’s About: “In the dark dungeons beneath Nazi Germany, teams of occult experts delved into ancient and forbidden lore, searching for lost secrets of power.” Why It’s Worth Reading: While Osprey Publishing is […]

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Episode 138 — More Random Geek Musings

In this episode Shawna and Christian discuss what’s going on in the Geek world including Gen Con, Television, and SONG OF THE SOUTH. Christian geeks out big time over the Osprey Publishing Wargame series and Shawna comments on how ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK is the new black.

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From the Archives: Episode #3

  In May of 2007,  the Geekerati crew discussed the summer movie schedule, the summer TV off-season, and a little game called Cineplexity. For a short time, we used Cineplexity to spur conversations in our early episodes. It was good fun. Take a listen to our show back in the early days when Shawna, Bill, […]


Pinnacle Entertainment’s WEIRD WARS ROME Rpg is Conquering Stretch Goals

Pinnacle Entertainment Group recently launched Weird Wars Rome a new Savage Worlds game setting on Kickstarter. The project quickly surpassed its initial goal and is quickly conquering the stretch goals that the company has put forth. So far the digital rewards that backers of this project will receive include an original soundtrack, short adventures, and […]

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