July 26, 2017

A Blast from the Past: Episode #2 Downloading the Upfronts (Our First Annual Upfronts Episode)

Each summer the television networks pitch their programming lineups to advertisers in New York City at an event called the Upfronts. The process has its origins in attempts to persuade car manufacturers to sell spend their advertising dollars on television. While the number and kinds of products being advertised have changed, and even the “season” […]

Geekerati Radio , Television

Starcher Trek — Behold the Adventures of William Starchner

What happens when you combine the classic Star Trek cartoon (you know…the one with the Kzinti) with the modern classic FX animated show Archer? Magic. That’s what happens. We are amazed at how similar the animation styles of the two shows are, and we are impressed with how much work it looks like the folks […]

Science Fiction , Television

Episode 115: Sasquatch Game Studio’s Primeval Thule Brings Howardian Action to Your Gaming Table

We recently chatted with game industry veteran David Noonan who united with Richard Baker and Stephen Schubert to found Sasquatch Game Studio, a design house and publisher devoted to creating “dream team” products for the hobby game market. Listen to internet radio with Geekerati Radio on BlogTalkRadio Their first project, the Pathfinder- and 4th Edition Dungeons […]

Fantasy , Gaming , Roleplaying Games

The Tomorrow People — Will The CW Series “Break Out?”

It is a running joke on the Geekerati Radio show that the CW network stands for “Christian’s Watching” or that CW producer Greg Berlanti must be listening to 0ur show on a regular basis. This is largely due to the fact that the network often features shows that seem almost tailor made for the viewing […]

Science Fiction , Television

Bill Cunningham of Pulp 2.0 Press stopped by Geekerati to chat about the many books he has been working on since he started up his independent publishing company. Not only is Bill a former regular host – and co-founder – of Geekerati Radio, he is a pulp fan with a keen eye for what offerings […]

Geek News , Pulp

What’s the Story Behind SyFy’s DEFIANCE?

On April 15th the Geekerati crew had an exclusive interview with screenwriter Clark Perry about SyFy’s most ambitions project to date. We learned a lot about the DEFIANCE television show and how it would tie in with the video game. Clark Perry is a writer on the SyFy Channel show “Defiance.” He is also a […]

Geek News , Science Fiction , Television

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