Interviews with Award Winning Illustrator John Kovalic and DEFIANCE scribe Clark Perry

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At first glance it may not look like the two guests of our March 27th episode of Geekerati Radio have much in common, but they do. They are both involved in projects that are on the cutting edge of the entertainment revolution.  Clark Perry is a writer on the SyFy television show DEFIANCE, a show with a storyline that will simultaneously interweave with the video game of the same name. John Kovalic is involved with the Kobolds Ate My Baby kickstarter project, and in so many ways the crowd sourcing of the Kickstarter platform is revolutionizing how products are produced, marketed, and funded. It’s and exciting time and we had two great guests.

On April 15, SyFy will invite viewers to sample their latest innovation — DEFIANCE premieres, not just as a television show but as a video game, as well. Writer Clark Perry joined us to talk about his work on DEFIANCE and what sci-fi fans can expect from the series. While there were no spoilers in the interview, there were some enlightening details especially with regard to how the narratives of the video game and the show will relate to one another.

Clark Perry

Clark Perry is a writer on the SyFy Channel show “Defiance.” He is also a playwright, short story writer and journalist. He has blogged since 2005 at Clarkblog. He is on Twitter as @PlanetClark.

We will also be joined by John Kovalic (@muskrat_john) who will be discussing the KOBOLDS ATE MY BABY kickstarter campaign.

John Kovalic


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